CuteAdopted is a California based non-profit organization operated by Lexint Foundation,  CuteAdopted is devoted to the rescue of animals from a life of abandonment, neglect, and mistreatment.  Our application for tax exemption status under IRS Code 501c(3) is pending approval.

CuteAdopted was founded by group of friends who share a common love for man’s best friend.  Whether small, medium, or large, bold, hairy or shaggy, each is a precious life that deserves to be treated with dignity, love and respect.  Dogs have lived alongside man since man walked on two feet and the bond that human and dogs share is unsurpassed.  This is why they are known as “man’s best friend”.

Unfortunately, proper care of man’s best friend is not a universally accepted value.  In every culture and society, news reports of abuse, neglect, mistreatment of animals is a common place. Animal shelters are full to the brim with abandoned animals, sick, emaciated, malnourished, and in poor health.  Animal control policies eventually require the euthanasia of these loving animals. This is so whether in United States or elsewhere in the world.  Taiwan (Republic of China) is no exception.

The founding members of CuteAdopted are Taiwanese natives who love their dogs.  They have decided to dedicate not only their money, but their time and efforts to form an organization to help rescue these helpless animals who love us unconditionally.  CuteAdopted currently concentrates its mission on two fronts:  Education and Rescue.  First, CuteAdopted enlists the help of television, radio, fairs and local events, to disseminate information on proper dog care, availability of adoption and the importance of neutering and spading your dogs.  Also, through education, CuteAdopted wants to support a clear theme that adopted dogs are Cute too!!

Second, CuteAdopted locate and identify dogs in danger of immediate euthanasia in Taiwan, and place them in foster families in Taiwan so that they can be nourished back to health.  With the help and funding of other loving volunteers in Taiwan, CuteAdopted then arrange for flight of these precious dogs to California and place them for adoption to loving families.  It is CuteAdopted’s mission to find not just any home, but a home that both the dog and the family will live together in a loving environment where both the family and dog can build a long lasting bond that will surely be cherished and remembered.

Each one of our dogs rescued receives a thorough examination by a licensed veterinarian and is vaccinated, neutered, spade, and groomed to prepare them for adoption.  CuteAdopted depends on the continued support of each of their current volunteers and  contributors to maintain its operations and encourages all others who share this passion to help by volunteering as a foster home, transportation, financial contribution and food donation.  No help is too little.